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Our turnkey project service offers a hassle-free solution where we manage the entire process from concept to completion.

This comprehensive service ensures a seamless and efficient project execution, allowing you to focus on your daily activities while we handle everything else.

The process begins with an in-depth client briefing and site analysis to understand the vision and feasibility of the project.

We then move on to detailed planning and design, developing initial design concepts and creating detailed plans, including architectural and structural designs for approval.

Minimal Interior Design

Once the designs are approved, we manage material procurement and oversee all aspects of execution, including scheduling, coordination, and quality control.

Throughout the construction and installation phases, we ensure precise execution of the design elements.

The final phase includes thorough quality checks, organizing a client walkthrough to review the completed project, and providing all necessary documentation, including warranties and maintenance instructions, for a smooth handover.

How We Work


Project Initiation

Conduct in-depth client briefings and site analysis to understand vision and feasibility.
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Design and Planning

Develop initial design concepts and detailed plans, including architectural drawings, for approval.
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Procurement and Execution

Manage material procurement and oversee all aspects of execution, including scheduling and quality control.


Final Handover

Conduct quality checks, organize a client walkthrough, and provide all necessary documentation for a smooth handover.
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